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Mississippi Chapter

Chapter Headquarters Mailing Address:
MS Chapter of ATD
P.O. Box 13115
Jackson, MS 39236-3115

Phone: (601) 376-9505


For Change of Address: Loria McLellan

To Submit Articles for Chapter Chatter, the Chapter Newsletter: Jan Sims   Rachel Deer

For Questions About the Web Site, Job Posting, or Submissions to the Site: Jan Sims   Rachel Deer

For Help Logging Into the Web Site: Jan Sims

For Information About National ATD:

For Information About the USM
Training and Development Certificate Program:
Heather M. Annulis   

For Questions About CPLP:
Tom Isonhood 


Jackson Headquarters 

Contacts specific to the Jackson Headquarters are below. More information is provided on the Jackson tab.

To Join or Renew Membership: Ashley Patton

For Meeting Reservations for the Mississippi Chapter in Jackson: Ashley Patton

For Questions About Programs in Jackson: Diane Dyar



Gulf Coast Lighthouse

Contacts specific to the Lighthouse GIG are below. More information is provided on the Gulf Coast tab.

For Meeting Reservations:Donnie Bond

For Questions About Meetings:Cathy Campbell

To Join or Renew Membership: Donna Valestro


Contacts specific to the Hattiesburg GIG are below. More information is provided on the Hattiesburg tab.

For Meeting Reservations or Questions: Amy Thornton

Mississippi Chapter of the Association for Talent Development    PO Box 13115    Jackson, MS 39236-3115 ● 601.376.9505 ●

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